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Laundry Steward/ Stewardess

  • Onboard Riverside Mozart, Basel-Stadt, Switzerland
Housekeeping & Laundry

Job description

As a Laundry Steward onboard a river cruise ship, you will play a vital role in ensuring the cleanliness and quality of linens, towels, uniforms and guest clothing. 

Your attention to detail and dedication to maintaining high standards of cleanliness are very important.

Your main responsibilities: 

1. **Laundry Operations:**

- Operate and maintain laundry equipment, including washers, dryers, and ironing machines.

- Sort, wash, dry, fold, and press linens, towels, uniform and guest clothing.

- Handle delicate fabrics and special care items according to guidelines.

- Maintain an inventory of clean and folded linens and towels.

2. **Quality Assurance:**

- Inspect laundered items for stains, damage, or wear and ensure they meet quality standards.

- Report any damaged or stained items for replacement or repair.

- Maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene in the laundry area.

3. **Inventory Management:**

- Monitor and report on linen and towel usage to the Head Housekeeper.

- Keep track of laundry supplies and request replenishments as needed.

- Assist in the stocktaking of linens and towels.

4. **Team Collaboration:**

- Work closely with the Housekeeping team to ensure the availability of clean items for all departments.

- Coordinate with the Head Housekeeper to prioritize laundry tasks.

- Assist with other housekeeping duties as required during peak periods.

5. **Safety and Compliance:**

- Adhere to all safety and hygiene protocols in the laundry area.

- Follow environmentally friendly laundry practices.

- Comply with company policies and regulations at all times.

Job requirements

- Previous experience in a similar role onbord preferred ( 5 -star ships )

- Knowledge of laundry equipment operation and maintenance.

- Ability to handle chemicals and detergents safely.

- Strong attention to detail and organizational skills.

- Excellent communication and teamwork abilities ( English langauge skills ) 

- Physical fitness / working under preassure

- readiness to work & travel 


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